About Sapporo, Hokkaido

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Sapporo Introduction

Sapporo has been considered one of Japan’s uprising cities. Around 140 years ago, it was merely a scattering of huts which belonged to Ainu and Japanese families. Now, it has been evaluated as the number two city recommended according to the famous tour site Tripadviser.

The Sapporo nowadays, as the capital of Hokkaido prefecture, has grown to 1.9 million residents, making it the largest city north of Tokyo (and the fifth largest in Japan). It was introduced to the world when the Winter Olympics were held here back in 1972, and its wonderful and astonishing ski slopes continue to attract winter travelers. In August, when the rest of Japan is sweltering under uncomfortably heats and humidity, Sapporo stays pleasantly cool.

There are multiple major art conventions and scientific museums in Sapporo. The perfectly merged aspects of art, fashion, history, modern scenery and culture present you a ever-changing and surprising adventure into the most welcome city in northern Japan. With no doubt, Sapporo will be your first choice of relaxing yourself in a breezy and refreshing experience at the very beginning of Summertime.